20 February 2019

The most interesting projects of VITAMIN E

One of the member agencies of the Vertikom Group, VITAMIN E has recently completed numerous creative projects. Its experts are convinced that brands and products can only be successful if they communicate directly and establish an emotional relationship with their target group. This assumption has guided the projects implemented, to quote just two examples, for Olympus and Bonprix. It is worth taking a closer look at them!

Playing with perspective

Olympus Perspective Playground is an art exhibition with interactive installations created by world-famous artists. Over 400,000 visitors in 17  cities across Europe had a chance to experiment with the phenomenon of perspective. The exhibition has also made a stop in Poland.

For nearly a month, fans of photography and art could test compact and light cameras: OM-D and Olympus PEN within the grounds of an old tram depot, “Dąbie” at Tramwajowa street in Wrocław.

Over less than 2 weeks, the exhibition attracted more than 10,000 residents of Wrocław.

Olympus is a leading producer of technologies for medical systems, scientific solutions and digital cameras. For the company, the art exhibition was also an opportunity to present itself as a new employer in Wrocław, which is going to ultimately hire a team of more than 300 people.

What was the interactive approach to perspective actually about? Check out the video: PLAY

Bonprix Fashion Connect Store

Over the past 2 years, Bonprix has been working on a new and groundbreaking concept that will combine the advantages of online and offline shopping at traditional retail outlets. A “one page shop” gives the customer an opportunity to see and check the entire product range, whereas individual products are scanned with a smartphone, ordered in a fitting room, and either picked up directly from the store or sent to the customer’s home address. VITAMIN E created the opening event for Bonprix Fashion Connect Store, addressed to the press, celebrities, influencers and employees of the Otto Group – the parent group of Bonprix. Our agency was also responsible for activating the store in the first weeks of its operation. In the wake of the successful launch, Bonprix and Otto Group have decided to continue to do business with Vitamin E.

See how the opening of Bonprix Fashion Connect Store looked like!