12 February 2019

My Company Polska

– It has only taken six months since the conclusion of an investment agreement to close the deal. And now we are a living proof that the fund does operate. Thanks to it, we are currently among the European leaders, says Adam Stańczak, President of ASM Group S.A. for My Company Polska magazine.

We are speaking here about the Foreign Expansion Fund, which helps with quick and safe business acquisitions in foreign countries. In mid-2018, when ASM Group purchased 91.6% of shares in Verticom Capital Group from Hamburg (Germany), it could count on financial support from the Fund. The FEF’s task is to assist experienced businesses that are interested in foreign investment, even if daring or simply risky international mergers and acquisitions are at stake.

ASM Group has found itself in a narrow circle of carefully selected enterprises that have entered into a business relationship with the Fund over the last 3 years.

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