3 January 2019

What can the world of commerce expect at the beginning of 2019?


Adam Stańczak, ASM Group President discusses the forecasts for the Polish commerce scene in the nearest future on the pages of Puls Biznesu.

The Company President predicts that on the Polish market we may witness a stronger presence of Amazon. If the American e-commerce giant decides to enter Poland and launch a local service here, we could soon expect the emergence of its other services too, including pop-up stores or self-service ‘Go’ stores.

In order to stand up to the giant, the entire trade market will have to advance to a new level, and I believe that it will be able to do so by resorting to the support of innovation in traditional trade, and ultimately achieving record-breaking sales. How? A perfect solution would be to use the professional support for offline trade and combine spot-on, profiled shopping advice and promotions on customer smartphones to enhance their supermarket experience. Certainly, in 2019 it will be the technology and advanced analytics that will attract the Poles to supermarkets, which are still the cheapest shopping option, and this is not going to change — comments Adam Stańczak for Puls Biznesu.

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